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In the complex world of food production UAP Inc.is helping meet the challenges of higher crop yields and healthier production practices. UAP is pleased to bring a wide range of proven crop production products to the agricultural and horticultural marketplace across Canada.

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KATALYST is a highly available form of liquid potassium complexed with Actagro Organic Acids (AOA) that fuels the plant’s carbohydrate translocation process and improves the efficiency of water use, driving maximum yield potential.  The unique AOA technology transports more potassium ions through the leaf surface than any other foliar potassium technology.  Rapid penetration is important because when the spray dries penetration and uptake can’t proceed.  Apply Katalyst with a fungicide or alone to meet in season potassium demand.


LIFEGARD WG is the first biological activator that triggers a plant’s natural immunity to disease. LIFEGARD is a broad-spectrum fungicide for blights, bacterial speck/spot & white mold. Apply it to prime your crop to be ready & resistant against disease.  LIFEGARD is residue exempt, has a 4-hour REI, can be applied the day of harvest. Research results over 20 years indicate that LIFEGARD can be used in a rotational program to minimize chemical resistance.


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