HERBICIDES Description
2,4-D AMINE 600

For economical broadleaf weed control in cereals, stubble land, grass crops, pastures, rangeland and non-cropped land and turf. UAP 2,4-D provides unsurpassed value and tank mix options. Guarantee 2,4-D isomer specific 564 g/L (present as dimethylamine). 2 X 10 L, 115L


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Controls wild rose and Western snowberry in pastures and rangelands.
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Designed to control grass and broad leaf weeds before they emerge. Bonanza’s strong weed spectrum and economical price make it a clear choice for base weed control in cereals and specialty crops including dry beans and many canola production systems. Also for shelterbelt uses. Guarantee trifluralin 480g/L. 2 X 10L, 984 L
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For complete weed control around trees, nurseries, orchards and wind breaks and required bare ground sites. Casoron delivers high value weed control in a convenient granular application. The unique granular herbicide forms a vapour barrier in soil. Safe to certain trees and shrubs in golf courses and around farm yards. Guarantee dichlobenil 4%. 22.7 kg
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A hand held spreader used for Casoron G4 applications. 6 X 1 each

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Alone or as a popular tank mix partner for many grass and broadleaf herbicides. Used in cereals, stubble land, roadsides, non-cropped land UAP MCPA continues to add performance and value to your herbicide treatments. Guarantee MCPA present as 2-ethyl hexly ester 600 g/L. 2 X 10 L, 115 L

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Selective, residual herbicide giving pre-emergent control of crabgrass and other annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in agricultural, ornamental and turf crops. Guarantee chlorthal (present as dimethyl ester 75%). 10.88 kg
Glyo Sylvi

Non-selective, systemic herbicide containing glyphosate for the control of most herbaceous weeds in agricultural and industrial sites. For increased performance add LI700 for maximum control. Guarantee glyphosate 360 g/L. 2 x 10 L.


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Outstanding residual weed control in non-crop areas, grapes & asparagus. May be used in pre-emergent or directed post-emergent programs. Controls annual and perennial grasses, and broadleaf weeds where bare ground is desired. Guarantee diuron 80%. 10 kg
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This amine form of MCPA has high safety with cereals, non- cropped land, and turf, popular broadleaf weed control. Guarantee MCPA present as dimethylamine salts 600g/L. 2 X 10 L
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Liquid herbicide for turf, golf greens and fairways, and cereals. It controls tough broadleafed annual and perennial weeds. Guarantee Mecoprop-P 150g/L present as potassium salt.

2 X 10 L

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Liquid Dicamba broadleaf weed control in cereals, grasses, and crop free land  . Guarantee dicamba 480 g/L, present as dimethylamine salt . 2 x 9.46 L
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Canada’s leading turf weed management product. Par III provides safe proven broadspectrum control of broadleaf weeds in lawns, golf courses and sports fields. Guarantee mecoprop-P 100g/L, 2,4-D isomer specific 190g/L, dicamba 18 g/l (all present as dimethylamines). 4 x 4 L, 2 x 10 L, 115 L, 1025 L.


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Herbicide used in pastures, rangelands, Christmas trees, plantations, non=crop lands including around farm buildings, storages areas and fence rows. Translocated upwqards and downwardsto control weeds.
 SALVO 2, 4-D  ESTER  700
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Ester formulation of 2,4-D offering economical broadleaf weed control in grass crops, pastures, rangeland and non-cropped land, and turf. UAP 2,4-D provides unsurpassed value and tank mix options. Guarantee 2,4-D isomer specific 658 g/L(present as 2-ethylhexyl ester). 2 X 10L, 115L.
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Provides control of a wide variety of annual broadleaf and grass weeds when applied pre-emergent to the weeds in agricultural and ornamental crops. Higher rates provide residual control and may be used in industrial applications. Guarantee simazine 474 g/L, related actives 6g/L. 2 X 9.46 L
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