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In the complex world of food production UAP Inc.is helping meet the challenges of higher crop yields and healthier production practices. UAP is pleased to bring a wide range of proven crop production products to the agricultural and horticultural marketplace across Canada.

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RADIATE is a unique blend of IBA (Auxin) and Kinetin (Cytokinin). These two naturally present plant hormones synergistically stimulate early and improve root development. RADIATE is an excellent choice for all field crops for early season foliar application with herbicides to stimulate early season root growth and plant vigor, which can lead to gains in crop productivity.  Kinetin and Indole ButyricAcid offer exemptions from a tolerance for residues and is designed to provide essential plant hormones in the correct ratios to drive maximum root growth.

Herbicide for Eastern Canada -Excellent crop safety

Authority® and its active ingredient Sulfentrazone have shown excellent crop safety in fieldtrials conducted in both Canada and the US.

Authority is a pre-plant/pre-emergence solution for broadleaf weed control in soybeans. Authority will alleviate pressure from the first flush of weeds and help make post emergent weed control more effective. For IP beans, broad spectrum control and excellent crop safety make it an ideal component in an IP program.

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