Founded in 1978, United Agri Products (UAP) is the largest distributor of agricultural and non-crop inputs in the United States and Canada . UAP Canada markets a comprehensive line of products, including crop protection chemicals and plant nutrients to national and regional dealers. UAP's extensive infrastructure is a critical element of their supplier's route-to-market, as it enables them to reach a highly fragmented customer base.

The products and services we offer are critical to our customers because they lower the overall cost of crop production and improve crop quality and yield. We also operate in the professional non-crop markets that consist of turf and ornamental (golf courses, resorts, nurseries, and greenhouses), pest control operators, forestry, and vegetation management.


UAP Canada markets crop protection products manufactured by Loveland Products, Inc., (LPI) an affiliated UAP Company. Loveland Products, Inc. only offer products that meet the highest quality standards. They are driven by the principal that the relationship with the customer does not end with the purchase of the product. LPI supports the Canadian business from the planning stages, through the growing season, to provide a high level of service and knowledge that has come to be expected from UAP Canada, Canadian distributor for Loveland Products, Inc.

The combination of high performance, high quality, competitively priced products, with the knowledge and service from the UAP Canada team that supports them, makes Loveland Products a good value for any operation. Contact your local UAP Canada representative today to discuss how your operation can profit from the performance, quality, and value of the products from Loveland Products, Inc.


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